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Man Convicted of Stealing From Navy Vet, Others in Montgomery County

A man was sentenced to 40 years but will serve 10 years in prison after being convicted of stealing from older couples in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Prosecutors said Jonathan Grimes, 24, led two other men to three different homes, taking valuable items worth more than $40,000 from the residences. Grimes has a lengthy criminal history and is awaiting sentencing on a felony in Virginia.

During sentencing, Grimes apologized to the victims in the courtroom.

One of the victims, a man only identified as Ken, 80, said he and his wife returned to their home in May 2017 and found their house destroyed, their belongings scattered, and items, like the medals he received during his during the Vietnam War in the U.S. Navy for service and bravery, were taken.

“We went inside, (and it) looked like a hurricane had gone through,” Ken said to the judge. “They opened drawers and just dumped them.”

Some victims said they will not be able to get back their stolen items, since Grimes pawned them at shops around Montgomery County.

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