Man Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Four Men He Met at Bars

Police believe Poindexter may have targeted young men for the past 10 years

Real estate appraiser Joey Poindexter was convicted Thursday of sexually assaulting four men he met at bars and lured to his Maryland home.

Investigators said they found pictures of men in various states of consciousness on Poindexter's cellphone.

Police began investigating him more than a year ago, when a student alleged that Poindexter sexually assaulted him after meeting him at Looney's Pub in College Park, Maryland, during a beer pong tournament Oct. 3, 2013. 

Prosecutors say Poindexter, now 40, got the student drunk while playing beer pong, and then took the young man to his Gaithersburg home, where he sexually assaulted him. The next day, the victim didn't remember anything but went to police, who had him record a telephone call to Poindexter.

This week, authorities released surveillance video and a phone call connected to that incident.

"You know, no matter what did happen or didn't happen, like I said, I was pretty trashed," Poindexter told the victim in the call. "And if it makes you feel any better, I don't have any [expletive] AIDS if anything did happen."

Investigators said in fall 2013 they believed Poindexter was a sexual predator who had been victimizing young adult men for approximately 10 years. They said he frequented beer pong tournaments, attending events at various bars in the D.C. and Baltimore area. 


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Three men who stepped forward shortly after the first case was publicized told authorities they were attacked in Poindexter's home on Plum Creek Drive in Gaithersburg. All were drunk at the time of the assault and were possibly drugged, police add.

Poindexter would often take pictures of his victims; police found images of at least 12 other victims on his harddrive.

He was convicted late last month of sexually assaulting one man, and was convicted Wednesday on eight counts involving the assaults of four others.

"Honestly, [we're] disgusted to know that someone of that age would try to befriend young adults and see that he would be preying on them," juror Jennifer Davis said.

Poindexter represented himself after firing his lawyers.

He will be sentenced in this case March 20.

Police are urging other potential victims to contact the Montgomery County Special Victims Unit as soon as possible.

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