Man Cited for Bringing Loaded Gun to Reagan National Airport


A D.C. man was cited for attempting to bring a loaded gun past a security checkpoint at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Thursday.

Transportation Security Administration officers said they found a .44 caliber revolver in the man's carry-on bag as it passed through the X-ray machine at the checkpoint.

The TSA officers called airport police, who took the gun and cited the man on a state weapons charge. Officials said airport operations were not affected.

Officials said it was the 11th gun TSA officers had found at the airport this year.

Guns, ammunition and other weapons are not allowed in carry-on bags, but guns may be allowed in checked baggage if they are unloaded and declared to the airline. For more information, consult the TSA's guidelines on traveling with firearms and ammunition.

A Virginia Beach man was similarly cited on a weapons charge Wednesday, for attempting to bring a loaded gun through the security checkpoint at Norfolk International Airport.

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