Marine Found Beaten Outside Bar Left Kids Home Alone: Police

A U.S. Marine who was found badly beaten outside a Stafford, Virginia, restaurant is facing child neglect charges after police say they learned he left his young children at home to go to the bar.

Aaron Bauman, 31, left his 6- and 7-year-old children at home alone for four hours Saturday to go to Mick’s Restaurant and Sports Lounge, the Stafford County Sheriff's Office says. 

While there, Bauman hit a patron and knocked over another, which led to a larger fight between three or four people, a witness told investigators.

Police do not know what sparked the fight.

Surveillance footage shows Bauman attempting to punch a bouncer while being escorted out of the bar, police said. Several other people began attacking Bauman in response.

Deputies found Bauman unconscious and laying in a small pool of blood near the entrance of the bar at 1:40 a.m. Sunday. The sheriff's office said he had bruises and abrasions to the left side of his face, forearms and knees.

Bauman, a U.S. Marine, was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment of serious facial injuries and head trauma. 

Bauman has been charged with two counts of child neglect. The incident at the restaurant is still under investigation.

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