Man Charged for Wife's Death 21 Years Ago

Police have found what they believe to be the remains of Robet Jarett's wife, whom he reported missing over two decades ago

Howard County police have arrested and charged an Elkridge man for allegedly killing his wife 21 years ago.

Robert Arnold Jarret, 57, was charged Wednesday with first- and second-degree murder of his first wife, Christine Jarrett, in 1991.

On Wednesday, authorities located the remains of a woman under the floorboards of a shed, buried in concrete. They believe the remains belong to Christine Jarrett.

Roger Jarrett had reported his wife missing Jan. 5, 1991, telling police she'd walked away from their home after a dispute.

Authorities suspected Jarrett had been involved in his wife's disappearance, but didn't have enough evidence at the time to bring charges against him. However, they recently received new information, and visited the house at 6050 Claire Drive where Jarrett's current wife still lives. The couple is separated, and she permitted police to search the property Wednesday. That's when investigators discovered the remains.

The medical examiner's office confirmed the remains belonged to Christine Jarrett through dental records. The cause of death has not been released at this time.

Jarrett, 57, is being held without bond.

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