Spotsylvania County

Police: Virginia Man, 80, Fatally Shot Neighbor Over Property Dispute

An 80-year-old man shot and killed his next-door neighbor in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, on Sunday after a yearslong property dispute, police say.

Guy Prud'homme, 65, died after he was shot in the chest in his own driveway, the Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office said. Prud'homme was president and CEO of the home development company Columbia Property Capital, which has several projects in Washington, D.C.

Officers arrested Larry Johnston, who police say thought Prud'homme was disturbing his property.

"He believed that the victim was encroaching on his property, cutting down trees and things on his property," Lt. Charles Carey said.

Prud'homme's family said they were devastated to announce his death. 

"Blessed with infectious humor, enthusiasm and a zest for life, Guy brought joy to his family and all those he met," his family said in a statement. 

A landscaping crew was mowing Prud'homme's lawn on the 7200 block of Young Lane on Sunday when Johnston went next door to confront his neighbor, police said.

The conversation began cordially but escalated into a heated dispute.

Then, Johnston pulled out a Ruger revolver.

The landscapers witnessed the confrontation and called 911. Prud'homme died of a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Johnston calmly walked back to his home and, as a search warrant shows, put the gun under his bed.

Johnston was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Police said Johnston initially tried to defend his actions, then became more contrite.

"He is admitting to his wrongs and faults in this situation," Carey said. "It was just a series of unfortunate events, and he wishes he could take it back."

Prud'homme is being mourned by a large family. 

"Guy was a devoted and loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend. He is survived by his wife, Patsy, six children and four in-law children, and one grandchild," the statement from the family said. 

Prud'homme was originally from the East African island nation of Mauritius, then lived in India before moving to his "adopted home" in the United States. 

No one was at either Johnston's or Prud'homme's houses on Monday. A string with small orange flags on it marked the property line. 

A colleague of Prud'homme's said the house where the developer was killed is a weekend home that Prud'homme and his wife visited to relax.

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