Lucky Numbers: Powerball Ticket Bought in Virginia Wins $161M

The Powerball drawing was 10-16-18-40-66 with a Powerball number 16 — and the winning ticket was purchased in Pulaski County, Virginia

A rack with cards bettors can use to choose their Powerball numbers at a market in Prospect, Pa., Oct. 28, 2022.
Keith Srakocic/AP

Powerball players in Virginia — check your tickets!

A winning ticket for Saturday’s drawing was sold at Gill Brothers at 4442 Cleburne Blvd. in Dublin, Virginia.

The Powerball drawing was 10-16-18-40-66 with a Powerball number 16, according to the Virginia Lottery.

The player matched all six numbers to win the estimated jackpot of $161 million — the fourth-largest prize won in Virginia lottery history. It’s the second time a Powerball jackpot winner was sold in Virginia.

The winner can collect their prize in installments over 30 years, or take a one-time cash payment of $81.9 million, the lottery says.

So, what’s the first thing a newly-minted millionaire should do? Sign their ticket to prove ownership, Virginia Lottery officials said.

Then, experts suggest getting financial advice from professionals.

Daniel Scott Johnson, an investment advisor and founder of Windfall Advisors in Los Angeles, told CNBC that big lottery winners shouldn’t make any big changes until they’ve worked out a financial plan.

The winner has 180 days from the drawing to claim their prize.

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