Luck of the Caps? 7-Year-Old Caps Fan Keeps Finding Four-Leaf Clovers

Parker Matthews says she's holding onto all the good luck charms for her favorite team

Is it a sign?

A 7-year-old Capitals fan who has found a four-leaf clover nearly every day of the final series says she's sharing all of her luck with her favorite team as they try to take the Stanley Cup.

Parker Matthews, of Arlington, Virginia, recently started finding the four-leaf clovers everywhere she goes.

"I found one and then I keep finding more," Matthews said in a phone interview with News4.

She found her first four-leaf clover during the second-round series against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Then, she discovered a second during the series with Tampa Bay. Now, Parker has about a dozen. She said she found three of those clovers just this week.

Parker's mom, Catherine Matthews, said she has even found one while taking a penalty kick during a soccer game.

"She'll literally be in mid-stride and be like 'Oh, found one!'" Catherine Matthews said over the phone. "It's just unbelievable."

Parker, who is a huge fan of Braden Holtby, puts all of the clovers out in front of the TV during the games.

She says the clovers will get the Caps to the ultimate prize: the Stanley Cup.

"I think they're gonna win," Parker said.

"I think that D.C.'s gonna go crazy and everybody in D.C. is gonna be happy and they're gonna win the championship for the first time and they're gonna put the cup up."

Parker said the trick to finding the four-leaf clovers is "to look for the squares" - something she learned while watching a YouTube video.

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