Love Sux: An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party @ Howl at the Moon

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Howl at the Moon realizes that not every romance is taken straight out of a storybook and that sometimes love just plain sux. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, what better way to renounce the evils of romance than to party with like-minded pessimists at the annual Love Sux Party?

If you find yourself bemoaning the nearing of yet another holiday celebrating the miserable existence of mutual love, then there is no better place for you to spend your Valentine's Day than in a super-cool bar with live music and drink specials. Howl at the Moon is just that place. To add compliment to healing, bring in a mutilated picture of your ex for free admission before 10p.m.

The party begins Feb. 14 at 5p.m., so head over right after close of business for drink specials, including the appropriately named Ex-Boyfriends for $9 and F-Bombs for $6. 

As an added bonus, Howl at the Moon is located in Baltimore, leaving a healthy buffer between you and all of those pesky, District-residing exes. So, if you're looking for something cool to do away from the mawkishly saccharine gazes of couples, make the trek to Baltimore. It'll be worth the trip. 

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