Loudoun Co. Parents Have New Tool in Internet Safety

Sherriff’s Office Launches “ComputerCop” Program

Parents in Loudoun County, Va., now have more help in protecting their kids from dangers on the Internet.

The sheriff’s office unveiled its ComputerCop program on Wednesday.

ComputerCop is software that allows parents to permanently delete potentially harmful images and language that is downloaded on any home computer.

Sheriff Stephen O. Simpson said he hopes the program will lead to kids talking to their parents more about what they see and the web pages they use.

“What we typically find is that kids are more technology savvy than their parents and they'll usually only tell them what they want them to know,” Simpson said.  “We thought it was time to get more aggressive in teaching parents how to monitor their kids on the Internet.”

ComputerCop software is free to Loudoun County parents. It is paid for by confiscated drug money.

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