Lorenzo Crowe, 98-Year-Old DC Superfan, Will Finally See the World Series in Washington

"It feels like I waited my whole life just for this"

Lorenzo Crowe knows Washington sports. Ever since he was a shortstop for the Negro League’s Baltimore Elite Giants, his passion for baseball has never wavered.

As a young man, Crowe said working and trying to play baseball were all he wanted to do.

Over the years, Crowe tried other sports like track and football, and while he's still a regular attendee at Wizards and Redskins games, the 98-year-old says baseball will always be his favorite.

"I loved it, and I knew I was good at it," Crowe said. "If I don't pat myself on the back nobody else will."

Crowe began regularly attending baseball games in D.C. when the Senators were still in town. He said he's attended almost every Nationals game played in Washington, and he said his age isn't holding him back from attendance.

And that isn't going to stop when the Nationals come home for the Fall Classic. Crowe has tickets to every World Series game in Washington this year.

"It feels like I waited my whole life just for this," Crowe said. "If you had any idea how big a Nationals fan could be, I'm bigger."

Crowe is fundamentally passionate about seeing his teams win. When he's sitting and watching Nationals players up at-bat, he'll watch how they approach each pitch and will criticize them if they're not swinging where they should be.

In the final game of the NLCS this year, Crowe was confident the Nats would complete their sweep of the Cardinals until late in the game.

"Up until the eighth inning it was fine, and then when we got to the last game it made me so nervous I had to take some pills," Crowe said.

Crowe said when the Nationals won the final game of the NLCS series, all he could do was soak it in and give in to the hype.

"I'm an individual that enjoys and don't need nobody else, because what I get out of the game I can't share with anybody else," Crowe said. "Within, I was about the happiest guy in the whole wide world, and I loved it."

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