Lock Your House and Car, Loudoun Police Remind Residents

It's common sense, but police say many residents fail to lock up

Did you lock up your house and car and close your garage?

The Loudoun County Sheriff's office is hoping online reminders can help prevent break-ins through open doors in the county.

The sheriff's office launched an online campaign on Tuesday called #9PMRoutine. Police are trying to remind residents to secure their homes and property before they go to sleep for the night.

Sheriff Mike Chapman said on a walk around Stone Ridge, Virginia, that despite low crime, residents need to be careful.

"It's good that we live in such a safe community, but you can still be a victim out here, and we have the reports every day that show that," he said.

Video shared by police shows people opening unlocked car doors and rummaging around inside, right in residents' driveways.

Over the past year, dozens of guns have been stolen from cars, mostly because the cars were unlocked, police said. 

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