Local Tween Behind Kid-Friendly Travel Website

An 11-year-old girl from Centreville, Virginia, is going places, and she's telling everyone about it.

Ayonnah Tinsley is the web editor of a kid-friendly travel website.

It's loaded with her own travel experiences and those of other kids.

"I make the site for kids who want to go places and kids who have been to places," Ayonna said.

For example, would someone her age enjoy a visit to Luray Caverns? What's the best thing about a visit to Massanutten?

The site's name, www.yayastars.com, comes from a family nickname given to Ayonnah by a relative and the five-star rating system she uses in her reviews.

Ayonnah tries to blog every day and says it doesn't get in the way of doing homework.

The site also includes reviews of local restaurants from a kid's perspective.

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