Student Saves Spanish Teacher With Heroic Heimlich

High school hero: Don't call me a hero

A Stafford High School Spanish teacher is alive and well today because of one of her students, but don't call Storm Rundman hero. The 17-year-old junior said he's just a regular guy.

"It was like my whole life was flashing in front of me," said teacher Myriam Lorenzo. "And then I saw the faces of my family and I was thinking, Oh my God, I’m going to die.
Storm was sitting in class taking a Spanish test when Lorenzo started to choke on her sandwich.
"Then I thought, OK, I’m in trouble, so I had to get out of the classroom," she said. "I do not want to disturb the class, so I stood up just trying to leave the classroom."
The class stood up and gasped in shock as Lorenzo’s fingers started to turn blue.
"She obviously couldn’t breathe, so without even thinking at all, I just ran up behind her and started doing the Heimlich maneuver," Storm said.
Rundman pulled and pulled and pulled. It took 20 seconds, but the piece of bread came free.
"The best moment of my life," Lorenzo said. "I said, 'I can breathe again,' and I just said to him, 'You are my hero.'"
"We’re just normal people loving life at Stafford High School," Storm said. "And then something like this happens, and I guess it just spices things up."
In the halls of Stafford High, Storm is now a local celebrity.
"We were all certified as freshmen or sophomores, I just don’t think I would have that reaction," said senior Dawnthea Price. "It’s pretty fantastic, and I see him everyday and he doesn’t look any different, but he’s a hero now."
So with the semester winding down does this mean Rundman gets an A?
"That’s the question that everybody asks and I feel so cruel, I feel so bad," said Ms. Lorenzo. "He has to earn his grade. But he doesn’t need my help."
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