Local Leads: 5/10/10

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The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

One man’s aroma is another man’s air pollution. Somewhere in between grind the wheels of government, with business interests pitted against some neighborhood residents in Del Ray. At issue is a restaurant at the intersection of Mount Vernon Avenue and East Oxford Lane divided into three sections — barbecue, Asian fusion and sushi. Known as "Hog Thaid," the restaurant has been slowly simmering for weeks in Del Ray, where some neighbors say the lingering smoke from the barbecue smoker will be a nuisance. (Alexandria Gazette Packet)

Some creepy-crawly bugs, such as ants, flies and spiders, may be unwelcome in our homes. But at least they're familiar. We can deal with them. For plenty of Marylanders, though, a new species of household pest is just insufferable. (Baltimore Sun)

A proposed tax on sugary drinks in the District of Columbia has the Big Soda lobby all shook up.  Dozens of soft drink workers and advocates -- many of them decked in the bright reds and blues of Coke and Pepsi -- flooded the city council Friday to protest against a tax on high-sugar drinks in the District. (Washington Examiner)

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