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This is the day before the big day. (NBCWashington.com)

A teen boy has died following a shooting on a Ride On bus in Montgomery County. The victim was one of three boys shot, police said.Two groups of passengers had begun arguing on the bus in Silver Spring shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday, when one of the groups got off the bus at the Piney Branch Road and Arliss Street stop. Someone in the group of three to five people then opened fire on the bus, hitting the three victims, police said. The victims were taken to area trauma centers, where 14-year-old Tai Lam died. A 14-year-old and a 15-year-old are in serious condition.Investigators aren’t sure if the three victims were the intended targets, police said. Other passengers were on board. (NBCWashington.com

With the Redskins playing the Steelers in Monday Night Football, Metro plans to extend its hours until 1 a.m. to accommodate the large crowds. The game kicks off at 8:30 p.m. Officials say they plan to add more trains if crowds are extremely heavy Monday night. Metro also says it will have additional personnel at the Morgan Boulevard and Largo Town Center Metro stations on the Blue Line.  (WMATA/NBCWashington.com)

Biological relatives of the three girls adopted by Renee D. Bowman  are now trying to adopt the one surviving child. Bowman was arrested in September after the two other girls were found dead in their mother's freezer. he surviving girl, the youngest of the three, had been found wandering outside and told authorities she had escaped after being beaten by her mother. Bowman is in a Calvert County jail, having been indicted on attempted first-degree murder and child abuse charges in connection with the surviving 8-year-old. There has been no ruling in the cause of death of the two other girls, and Bowman has not been charged.Tonight, the biological relatives of the oldest girl, who would have been 11 and whom Bowman named Minnet, are holding a memorial service at their home in the 1000 block of Quebec Place in Northwest Washington. (Washington Post)

Circuit City Stores Inc. will close 155 stores and abandon 12 markets in the United States, the Henrico County-based consumer electronics retailer announced this morning.  Bankruptcy talk has been swirling around Circuit City, which in recent months has announced layoffs and second-quarter losses, delayed store openings and replaced a CEO. (Richmond Times Dispatch

It's just after 6 a.m. and still dark when LaFrances Bailey Moore begins the commute home from her job in Annapolis.Unlike the other commuters on the 921 bus to the New Carrollton Metro Station, Ms. Moore is not going to get on the Metro to a job in Washington, D.C. Instead, she will get on a MARC Train so she can get back home to Odenton. The bus-to-train commute takes about two hours. (The Capital)


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The state is hemorrhaging money to pay for transportation projects. And with the state's budget facing almost a billion-dollar deficit, Del. David Poisson (D-northeastern Loudoun) says, it's time to plug the hole.  Poisson proposed legislation Oct. 29 that would put a tax on automobile mileage. "The aim is to find out what it is that we can do initially to stop the revenue lost," the delegate said of his proposal.The tax would go directly to transportation funding. Those drivers who use the roads the most will pay the most for them, Poisson said.  (Loudoun Times)

While there appeared to be a correlation between consumption of Grab 'n' Go items and students' reported gastrointestinal symptoms early this month, the D.C. Department of Health was not able to determine the origin of norovirus in its recently concluded investigation. In a report published on its Web site on Friday, the DOH listed its finding for the virus' etiology, or cause, only as a possible combination of person-to-person contact, contaminated food or contaminated surfaces. However, the report does note a strong relationship between the afflicted students who were surveyed by DOH and their consumption of Grab 'n' Go food.  (The Hoya

Prices at the pump have never fallen so far, so fast. AAA Mid-Atlantic says gasoline prices have dropped an average of $1.07 per gallon in the last month, the largest monthly decrease on record.  (NBCWashington.com)

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