Liz Crenshaw: Bounty Hunter

Full statement from Procter & Gamble:

"Our product offering is driven by “Consumer is Boss”. For perspective, over 50% of the US population bought Bounty in the past year resulting in many consumer needs. Consumers want different Bounty products based on the tasks they use Bounty for, the number of rooms they keep Bounty in, the size of their family, the purpose of a specific shopping trip, their budget, etc. For some homes, Bounty is in the kitchen; in other homes, Bounty is also in the bathroom, laundry room and the garage. It’s the habit and tasks that drive the purchase need from the shopper. In addition, retailers have various store sizes & shopper needs. Bounty is sold in virtually all retail outlets that sell consumer goods from mass merchandisers to baby specialty to small urban stores. Bounty strives to meet the needs of our consumers and retailers. Ultimately, consumers vote with their wallet -- if a consumer continues to purchase a product, Bounty will continue to offer it."

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