Turn Your House into a Billboard, Get Your Mortgage Paid

Marketing firm to turn houses into billboards

Does your house need a little fixing up? Would you love for someone else to pay your mortgage? Both of these can be yours – with a catch. The marketing firm Brainiacs From Mars is willing to pay homeowners' mortgages, if the owners agree to turn their homes into advertistements.

To be eligible for the deal, you must own your home. You must also agree to have the exterior of that house painted (and we’re not talking subtle colors). That paint must stay on the home for at least a month, and as long as a year.

Brainiacs From Mars says it hopes to turn 1,000 homes in the U.S. into billboards. It should have no trouble finding willing homeowners. The firm says it has received more than 40,000 requests from around the world.

The idea could run afoul of local zoning laws - but a homeowner can dream, right?  For more information click here.

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