Little Girl Devastated She Can’t Meet George Washington; GW University Offers Her a Special Invitation

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Kate Bernot

A little girl was recently heartbroken to learn that she'll never get to meet George Washington -- but she's gotten an invitation from a mascot version of our first president instead.

Four-year-old Ava's devastated reaction was captured on video after she learned that Washington has been dead for 215 years. She'd thought he was our current president.

In the video, Ava wails, "But I wanted to see him!"

Her mom gently suggests, "Maybe we can see our current president, Barack Obama."

Ava is not OK with that. When her mom asks why, Ava simply cries, "George Washington!"

But after her video became a hit on YouTube, the George Washington University heard about her sorrow. So they offered her a special invitation in a video of their own.


In the video, which was released Tuesday, GW's mascot (none other than George Washington himself, of course) holds up a series of signs, reassuring Ava and inviting her to a GW basketball game this season.

"Ava, we know you want to meet George Washington. Lucky for you, I live right here, in Foggy Bottom," say the signs.

He promises she'll get VIP treatment: a seat with her name on it, and of course, a meet-and-greet with this (silent) version of the president.

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