Liquor, Wine, Beer? What to Drink When Thinking About the Environment

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The next time you decide to have a drink, you might want to consider the impact on the environment. Storm Team4 meteorologist Amelia Draper reported on the effects of adult beverages on the Earth.

When choosing between beer, wine and liquor, the drink that requires less leaves the smallest environmental imprint. Draper said that the refrigeration needed for beer and the transportation required for wine, have a much greater impact than hard alcohol.

However, when you do decide to have a beer, Draper said go for the can. The aluminum is lighter to ship and easier to recycle than a glass bottle, leaving less of a carbon footprint. 

It’s also important to think about where your drinks are coming from. When picking a bottle of wine, Draper said go with the option from Europe. Again, transportation is key. Packing up libations on a ship is better for the environment than moving them from California on a plane or a train. 

Draper said the best choice for wine is actually in a box. Although it might not be the most desirable option, the packaging is best for recycling. Draper said it reduces the carbon footprint by about 40%.

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