Lights Coming to Path Where Woodbridge Teen Brenden Wilson Was Killed

A dark "cut-through" path near Woodbridge High School will soon be lit, after 16-year-old Brenden Wilson was shot and killed earlier this month.

The "cut" is a popular shortcut for students living near the high school, that members of the community have often considered too dark for daily use.

"I haven't seen any lights as of yet," Brenden's mother Vikki Wilson said. "I [won't] believe it until it's done."

Several Dominion Virginia Power flags are in the ground near the area where Brenden was shot. The Prince William County Board of Supervisors said it's working with Dominion to fast-track the installation of a light along the path.

Woodbridge High School sophomore Lindsey Kohlbecker said she uses the "cut" every day to get to and from school.

"It's sketchy... walking through in the morning, [I've seen] drugs, sex," Kohlbecker said.

County officials say a large street light will go in at the path on Oakwood Drive. Wilson knows it won't bring her son, but she hopes the light will make the area safer.

"I just hope this will take care of it," she said.

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