Rockville Library's Name Honors Fallen Soldiers

In honor of service members who have died for the country, a library in Montgomery County, Md., is changing its name.

As the sound of bagpipes filled the air, veterans and family and friends of loved ones who have served gathered in front of what was formerly the Rockville Library.

Richard Doerflinger's son, Thomas, died fighting in Iraq. He says the library embodies what soldiers, like his son, fought for.

"The freedom to read, and speak and write, to think and believe as we wish, to share our thoughts and dreams with others," he says. "Our loved ones died defending these freedoms in far away places where many people hope one day to enjoy them as we do."

County Executive Isiah Leggett said the renaming is a small token of appreciation for the sacrifices troops and their families make.

"This library naming today will show that in Montgomery County we honor and respect the lives, the sacrifices that have been made by veterans," he said.

Leggett says he hopes the new name will help others remember what fallen heroes have given up for the country.

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