Liberal NY Times Endorses D.C. Voting Rights

Activist armies prepare for Feb. 24 Senate vote

There was big news for some D.C. political activists this weekend as a piece of legislation offering the District full voting rights in the House of Representatives made its way into the packed U.S. Senate schedule.

Majority Leader Harry Reid has set a floor debate for February 23, with a preliminary vote scheduled the following day. This act is so, so very liberal that now the New York Times -- the real one! -- is lending a hand.

The bill would add a House seat in Utah as well. Republicans have always opposed letting Washingtonians have a say in government, because of socialism. But if Republicans were to get a seat in Utah -- where Mitt Romney killed off the last remaining liberals years ago -- then the bill would be American.

The bill requires 60 votes in the Senate, meaning two Republicans would have to join 58 Democrats. Most likely, Barack Obama will sweet-talk those two Republican gals from Maine into voting for it. They think he's such a polite, young gentleman!

And now fancy liberals from New York (which is better than D.C.) have deigned to offer their Big City opinion. The New York Times editorial board writes today:

Washington’s lack of representation is profoundly undemocratic. Its residents are American citizens who pay taxes, vote for the president and serve and die in the military. Although the city is relatively small, it is more populous than Wyoming and nearly equal to those of Vermont and Alaska.

Okay ... but this logic just raises more questions. Do Wyoming, Vermont and Alaska even deserve votes?

Jim Newell writes liberal activist tracts for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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