Levy Searched Internet for Condit, Rock Creek Park Before Disappearing

On the day Chandra Levy disappeared, she searched online for information about Rep. Gary Condit and his family members as well as Rock Creek Park, where her remains were found more than a year later, NBCWashington's Pat Collins reported.

Before she disappeared May 1, 2001, Levy conducted searches for Gary Condit; his wife, Caroline; and his son, Chad, an FBI agent testified Thursday. She then searched for directions to Rock Creek Park and then again for Condit and his wife, Collins reported. The Condit searches were private, so agents don't know what they were.

FBI agent Jane Domboski said Levy's computer was broken when authorities tried to look at it, and it took more than a month to retrieve the data.

Also on Thursday, the girlfriend of murder suspect Ingmar Guandique testified that she did not cause the injuries Guandique suffered the night of Levy's disappearance. Earlier in the trial, an acquaintance of Guandique testified that he had stayed with her that night and had visible injuries that he attributed to a fight with his girlfriend.

Guandique is charged with murder and attempted sexual assault. He is already serving time for attacks on two other women in Rock Creek Park.

Levy's disappearance made headlines after she was romantically linked with then-California Rep. Gary Condit. He was once the main suspect, but police no longer believe he was involved.

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