‘It's About Legacy': A Look at Maryland's Black Beaches

Maryland's Black Beaches Make Their Mark on History.

NBC4 visited three area beaches that, once having catered exclusively to African Americans, are now in different stages of existence. But where some have failed, others are actively working to make their mark on history books.

"It's American history, and for too long, our American history only included one side."

- Janice Hayes-Williams, Annapolis historian

'A Warm, Warm Memory': Radio Host Remembers Carr's Beach

Carroll "Mr. C" Hynson started working for WANN and Maryland legend Charles “Hoppy” Adams in the 1960s. Hynson shared his memories of working on the "Bandstand on the Beach" broadcast at Carr's Beach with NBC4.

Waterfront Living: A Map of African-American Resort Communities

Here's a look at the history of the vibrant beach enclaves African Americans created to escape racial oppression.

PHOTOS: A Vintage Look at Maryland's Black Beaches

During segregation, African-American families couldn't go to the region's larger beaches. Fortunately, some enterprising entrepreneurs created spaces where African Americans could swim freely and without the fear of discrimination. Here's a vintage look at some of the region's popular black beaches.

“We’re proud of our history, and we want people outside to get to know our town."

- James D. Crudup, mayor of Eagle Harbor, Maryland

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