Leesburg Puts ‘Christmas' Into Holiday Parade

A town in northern Virginia voted to add the word 'Christmas' to the title of its annual holiday parade, the Loudoun Times reported.

Since the event was first held in 1994, it has had the official title 'Holiday Parade.'

But prompted by a resident's suggestion, the Council held a vote on October 11 to rename the event, to include the word 'Christmas.' 

From the Loudoun Times:

Council Member Marty Martinez brought up the fact that since his time in Leesburg, he and everyone he knows has referred to the parade as the Christmas Parade, and he has no problem with adding Christmas into the name.

The actual parade was never formally named the Christmas Parade; it was just referred to that throughout the town, Martinez pointed out.

One Council member, Dave Butler, disagreed with the change, saying the parade has been successful as is.  "It's not broken," he told the Loudoun Times, "and it's a wonderful event.

The council voted 6 - 1 to rename the parade, 'the Christmas and Holiday Parade.'

The parade this year will be held on Saturday, December 10.  It's actually closer to the Thanksgiving holiday than Christmas.

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