Leave It On the Shelf

CPSC names the top 5 hazardous groups of toys

Despite a tough economy, many parents will be buying toys for their children this holiday season. But sometimes a parent can forget that just because a toy is on the shelf, that does not mean it's appropriate for your child.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has named a list of five groups of toys that can be hazardous to children.

Topping that list were ride-on toys like skateboards, in-line skates and scooters. Parents should remember to also purchaase helmets and knee pads with these items.

Small balls and toys with small parts are not recommended for children under the age of three, and uninflated ballons are not recommended for children under eight because of choking and suffocation concerns.

Magnets are also a potential hazard for children under 6-years-old.

Toys with chargers and adapters should be supervised by adults.

The CPSC reported that last year there were a number of toy-related deaths and thousands of toy-related injuries.

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