Leaks Discovered at Silver Spring Transit Center

silver spring transit center

Officials report more problems with the troubled Paul Sarbanes Transit Center in Silver Spring, Md.

Montgomery County leaders say water appears to be leaking down from the top floor of the building.

Leaks have appeared around planter boxes.

Meanwhile, transportation leaders are still trying to decide how to fix the troubled transportation hub, which is already years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget. Major structural flaws have been observed throughout the building, and the structure is just sitting behind a fence right in the middle of downtown Silver Spring.

Construction crews were given the final go-ahead in July to begin cutting out large chunks of concrete. Structural and design flaws, such as concrete being poured too heavily in some spots and a need for greater steel support in the roadway, must be addressed.

The downtown transit center was originally meant to provide a connection for buses, Metrorail and taxis. Elected officials have not announced a clear timetable for when the building will be fixed and open.

In 2008, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority agreed to take over the center when it is completed, but it backed away from that offer earlier this spring.


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