Two Customers Who Got Sick at Northern Virginia Chipotle File Lawsuit

Two men have filed a lawsuit against Chipotle after they got sick from eating at a Sterling, Virginia, location.

The restaurant came under fire recently after patrons reported symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain after dining there. As many as 135 patrons reported getting sick.

"Based on symptoms reported and these preliminary laboratory results, the cause of the outbreak is believed to be norovirus, though the specific source of the norovirus has not yet been identified," Dr. David Goodfriend, director of the health department, said in a statement. 

Kyle Hogan and Patrick Moore were listed as plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the restaurant. The suit said the men ate at the Sterling restaurant on or around July 14 and became ill.

The men are seeking $74,000 in damages.

Chipotle has said it believes a sick employee may be the culprit behind the outbreak. CEO Steve Ells said on a conference call with investors that a company investigation into the illnesses found that its leadership at the store didn't adhere to its protocols.

The Loudoun County Health Department has been looking into the outbreak.

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