15 Computers Seized From Laurence Einuis' Home After Jail Call to Wife

Police have seized 15 additional computers from the home of a West Springfield High School teacher charged with offenses involving children.

Officials have seized 15 additional computers from the home of a West Springfield High School teacher accused of having inappropriate communication with a teen.

Laurence Einuis, 53, was arrested June 5 on charges of use of communications systems to facilitate certain offenses involving children.

A deputy monitoring jail phone calls between Einuis and his wife overheard the former high school band director asking if police "took the laptops in the garage."

Police had previously seized several computers, cameras and storage devices from Einuis' home. According to a warrant, police returned to the home Tuesday and found 15 additional computers and hard drives.

Investigators said the parents of a 14-year-old victim contacted school administrators June 2 after noticing a number of late-night text messages on their child's phone allegedly from Einuis.

A Fairfax County Police detective later took over the teen's online persona and was contacted by Einuis, court documents state. 

During their conversations, the undercover officer said Einuis "spoke about liking" the teen and wanting to "make out and touch."

At one point, the teen's parents said the suspect approached the teen with handwritten note that read, "SHRED WHEN READ," the affidavit states.

Fairfax County Schools officials said Einuis has been suspended without pay.
"[Einuis] always seemed like a nice guy," West Springfield junior Kendra Campbell said. "To hear that about him, it's really surprising. We'd see him at all the football games because our band is really important to our school."
Others say the arrest lit up their social media sites, even creating a divide among students.
"Some people are taking sides because people knew him personally, saying not to jump to conclusions because we don't know the details yet," sophomore Hamza Alumni said.
Einuis has worked at West Springfield High School since 2003. Before that, he was a band director at Stuart High School for three years.
According to police, there are could be more victims and more charges.
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