‘Disgusting': KKK Recruiting Flyers Found in Halloween Candy Bags in Virginia

“Bags of candy were included as if to attract children,” one resident said

Residents of Leesburg, Virginia, found bags full of Ku Klux Klan recruiting flyers, candy and racist cartoons on their doorsteps just before Halloween.

Residents who picked up the bags found the material inside to be "shocking" and "absolutely revolting and disgusting.” Inside the bag was a letter that appeared to be from the KKK.

It said, "Attention white America. We are nearing the end of the line," and warned of white extinction.

They were “cartoons that were vile and disgusting and included cartoon characters of characters that were meant to be Jewish people,“ said resident Bronwyn Duffy. ”A black person with a head on a tray, sliced off. Absolutely revolting and disgusting.”

“Bags of candy were included as if to attract children,” Duffy continued.

The bags were placed in front of homes on Cornwall Street and Liberty Street, near historic downtown Leesburg.

“I'm very disappointed, very disappointed that we would have something happen here in Leesburg,” resident Kay Stowers said. 

Police confirmed that the flyers inside the packages were KKK recruitment materials.

Leesburg police and federal agencies are working to determine if the materials threaten any specific groups. They said if there is not a direct threat, there is not much they can do, because hate speech is protected by the First Amendment.

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