6-Week-Old Kitten Rescued From Metro Tracks at Fort Totten Station

The gray and black kitten has been named Totten

A six-week-old kitten was rescued from beneath the electrified third rail at a Metro station Friday morning, said officials from a D.C. animal shelter.

The tiny tabby kitten was lying beneath the third rail on the southbound Yellow and Green lines at the Fort Totten station in Northeast D.C.

The WMATA Command Center was able to briefly cut power to the third rail, and someone from WMATA's Emergency Management Team was able to grab the kitten and pass him to an officer with the Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League (WHS/WARL), according to a release from WHS/WARL.

The gray and black kitten appears healthy, and now has a name: Totten.

"Thanks to the quick action of our animal control officer and the WMATA Emergency Management team, this kitten will have a new opportunity for a better life," said David M. Smith, a WHS/WARL spokesman.

The kitten has been transferred to the New York Avenue Adoption Center to be evaluated by medical staff there.

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