Karin's Florist Named “Best in America”

Karin's Florist, a staple in the Virginia florist industry, has been named the "Best Florist in America" by daytime host Steve Harvey in his new Neighborhoods Awards.

Karin's began as a small-scale project between Bill Durkis and his father-in-law, George Raptis, in 1956. The two wanted a business that would allow them to support the community and do what they loved. When they opened the floral company, they decided to name the business Karin's ater Durkis' firstborn daughter and Raptis' first grandchild. 

Originally located in a small shop at Seven Corners Shopping Center, the business started with only four employees: George Raptis and his wife, Mary, Bill Durkas and a single driver.  Now, the business has more than doubled its space and employs more than 30 people.  

Despite its physical changes, the store has maintained its values in community and family. In 1998, Durkis' daughter Maris Angolia took over as president and CEO and has continued to build on the legacy of her father and grandfather's business.

During her award acceptance speech, Angolia spoke on behalf of her family to thank the Vienna community for making Karin's the best at what they do.

Karin's is actively involved in their community and is the founder of the Karin's Gives Back program, which "supports and promotes the good work of Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland based charities."

Watch the acceptance speech.

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