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3 DC regions ranked among top five for pay

At a time when most of the nation is reeling from a recessionary punch in the gut, some Washington-area residents are breathing easy.

The D.C. area is home to three of the top five counties for salary rates in the U.S., according to the latest data from the federal government, reported the Washington Business Journal.

Workers in New York, N.Y., and Santa Clara, Calif., are the biggest earners in the nation, but Arlington County, Va., follows in third place, with an average weekly wage of $1,423, as of the second quarter of 2009. D.C. paychecks are just a little less at $1,421 per week, and Fairfax County, Va., workers bring home an average of $1,348.

There’s another economic plus for Arlington. According to figures from the Labor Department, only the county of Bronx, N.Y., added more jobs between June 2008 and June 2009. Arlington added 2,300 jobs, while 2,800 New Yorkers got new gigs. The new Yankee Stadium opened in April 2009 and may have added to the blast of employment in the Bronx.

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