Jury Selected in Ex-Culpeper Police Officer's Murder Trial

On Tuesday, a former Culpeper Town Police officer saw the faces of the men and women who will determine his fate. A jury was set in the murder trial of Daniel Harmon-Wright.

The former Culpeper police officer is accused of shooting and killing 54-year old Patricia Cook almost one year ago. Harmon-Wright, 33, walked into the Culpeper Circuit Court Tuesday with his wife by his side. He's out on bond as he goes to trial.

In court, 14 Culpeper County residents (five men, nine women) were selected for jury duty, with two of them selected as alternates. About 40 prospective jurors were interviewed by the judge and counsel from both sides. They were questioned on everything from their personal connections to any law enforcement to whether or not they supported gun rights.

On Feb. 9, 2012, Harmon-Wright headed to the parking lot of Epiphany Catholic School in the town of Culpeper in response to a call for a suspicious car. Cook was parked there and sitting inside her Jeep when Harmon-Wright approached her window.

What transpired between the two remains up to the attorneys to explain during trial, but it is clear Harmon-Wright opened fire on Cook, who was unarmed. She died at the scene.

Opening statements begin at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

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