Jetson Bikes: Hybrid Option for Expanding Biking Community

In a region where two wheels can often get you around faster than four, the market for custom bicycles is expanding -- now including an electric bicycle and scooter in one.

The hybrid bike changes gears on the fly, going from pedal power to an all-electric ride.

"The electric bike market is furiously in a growth stage," Jetson Bikes CEO Josh Sultan said.

He's not shy about how much he loves his product.

"It's 100 percent electric,” he said. “It's powered by a high-grade lithium ion battery, which makes it eco-friendly and really good for the environment, so it's not only saving the planet, it's kind of saving your wallet a little bit."

The top speed is 20 mph. When you want to charge it, just plug it into a regular outlet. It takes about four hours to charge, and you can get 40 miles out of a charge.

"That's pretty cool,” said News4 anchor Aaron Gilchrist, who gave it a test ride. “So you can peddle for a little exercise."

Sultan said sales of his bikes are up over the past couple of years, and you might be surprised who is riding them.

"It's both male and female, and the best thing that we're learning is the age is anywhere from 15 to about 75," Sultan said.

Jetson Bikes are sold all across the country and cost about $1,800.

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