Jeff Bezos Visits DC Public School But Students Look Unmoved

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos visited a D.C. high school earlier this week but he may not have been recognizable to the students.

Bezos visited in connection to Amazon's Future Engineer Program, which aims to teach youth about computer science. He walked into a computer science classroom at Dunbar High School in Northwest D.C. Monday morning, trailed by apparent bodyguards.

"Welcome, welcome! Jeff Bezos! Oh my God," the students' teacher said, waving her hands.

But the students looked unmoved. In the foreground of a video shot by a News4 producer, a teen turns to speak to a classmate behind him.

Twitter users speculated that the teen asked who Bezos was.

Another student told The Washington Post that she didn't recognize Bezos or know his name.

If the teens weren't thrilled to meet Bezos, they seemed enthused about computer science. The teen who turned to speak to a classmate told Bezos about a coding project he was pursuing.

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