Ivan the Dog Returns to Humane Society

Pitbull puppy shows up at humane society

It’s been a trying couple of days for employees at a Washington Humane Society shelter after a puppy was snatched in broad daylight.

But now they can breathe a sigh of relief. Four-month-old pit bull Ivan was returned to the shelter Wednesday. The puppy had some minor cuts and scrapes and swelling behind the ear, but is in good health, according to the Humane Society.

Ivan was taken from his cage at the New York Avenue shelter in Northeast at about 2 p.m. Monday. Three people posing as doctors were seen on surveillance tape entering a restricted area of the shelter and then exiting several minutes later with Ivan in hand.

After discovering Ivan had been taken, the Humane Society announced a $1,000 reward for Ivan’s return, no questions asked. According to the Humane Society, after Ivan's disappearance was picked up by the media tips started pouring in from callers.

Then, Wednesday evening after a tip from an anonymous caller, Ivan was returned by the three juveniles who took him, the Humane Society said. Those juveniles have not been charged yet.  

Another piece of good news: The anonymous caller responsible for Ivan’s safe return decided to donate the $1,000 reward back to the Humane Society to be used for Ivan's care.

Officials are investigating how Ivan suffered his injuries.

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