Is Your Favorite Eatery Up to Code?

D.C. restaurant inspections now online

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It’s something most of us try not to think about when gearing up for a night of dining out.  Did the place we’re about to trust with our dinner break any health codes?

D.C. health officials have just given us all a little piece of mind -- or at least made it much easier to keep restaurants honest.  All the health code inspection notices from the past three years are now just a click away.

Just type in the restaurant name or zip code and you can see annual checks with descriptions including “complaint,” “follow-up,” and “routine.”  Click on one of the descriptions and a copy of the actual inspection report comes up.

One restaurant that showed a “complaint” had the following notes: “Employee washed hands. Didn’t use soap. Not enough time.”

Past health notices are still being added to the D.C. health department’s web site.  All new reports will be posted as soon as they are processed. 

Health officials conduct more than 5,000 inspections every year in the District.

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