Is It Time for Another Bridge Over the Potomac?

Should a bridge be built over the Potomac River between Loudoun and Montgomery counties?

Leaders in Loudoun County say the idea warrants further study, but Montgomery County leaders are trying to shut it down. 

A bridge has been proposed between American Legion Memorial Bridge and Point of Rocks, which is more than 35 miles to the northwest.

News4's Adam Tuss got a bird's-eye view of the land from Chopper4. On the Loudoun County side, development is booming in the Ashburn and Dulles area. On the Montgomery County side, the land is still rural.

Montgomery County Council President Roger Berliner wants to knock down the proposal.

"It is like a zombie that simply will not die. It needs to die, because it is so antithetical to everything in Montgomery County, for sure, but, I argue, for our region," he said. "All it does is promote more sprawl, environmental degradation. It would cross our agricultural reserve, which we will not allow to happen."

The transportation planning board for the region is set to take up the issue next week.

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