Creigh Deeds Building Momentum

Wait... what is a "Creigh Deeds"?

What's going on in that Virginia Democratic gubernatorial primary thing that no one really pays attention to? It's just going to be that nut Terry McAuliffe, right?


Just kidding. It probably will be McAuliffe, because he has all the money and knows Bill Clinton. And yet out of nowhere, that third place guy, Craig Weeds or whatever... he could be making a move!

(UPDATE: The Internet says his name is "CREIGH DEEDS.")

Polls show that overall, Terry McAuliffe is turning his slim advantage over Deeds and Brian Moran into a "safe lead," most likely because Virginians are starting (finally!) to consider their June 9 votes, and whenever they turn on the teevee or radio they likely catch 900 McAuliffe ads in a row. To the average, barely interested voter, any candidate who can afford such air time surely knows the most about policy or whatever.

But a poll released Thursday from SurveyUSA -- the second most reliable polling organization during the 2008 elections, according to respected math site -- shows Deeds picking up four points since the last SurveyUSA poll three weeks ago, while McAuliffe and Moran either stay flat or drop. And 57 percent of voters say they might change their decision...

...PERHAPS TO CREIGH DEEDS? Because here's the truly big news for Deeds: the Washington Post has given him its Endorsement, just this morning! The paper praises his long record, his moderate appeal, and most importantly his "not a complete jerk"-quality, which sets him apart from McAuliffe and Moran.

While "newspapers" no longer wield power the way they did in the pre-Internet pornography era, an endorsement of the Post's magnitude could register sharply among this cycle's election-weary, indifferent crowd. Many just want an Authority to tell them which jerk to like, because who wants to read up about candidates' "payday lending" stances anyway? A nerd?

So, uh, yeah, vote Craig Weeds for whatever thing is coming up!

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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