Edgar Allen Poe-Inspired Valentine’s Day Menu Features Love, Gloom, Cocktails

The Dupont Circle restaurant Iron Gate has created a special Valentine's Day food and drink menu inspired by horror and mystery writer Edgar Allan Poe.

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Neighborhood Restaurant Group
Neighborhood Restaurant Group
The Dupont neighborhood restaurant Iron Gate has again created a special Valentine's Day food and drink menu. This year, the restaurant turned to Edgar Allan Poe for inspiration. Until Feb. 14, a special menu will feature items divided into "Heart" and "Heartbreak" categories.
Neighborhood Restaurant Group
The "You complete me" cocktail is a combination of locally-produced Civic Vodka, St. Germain, Don Ciccio Figli Cherry Blossom AperItivo, lime and hibiscus soda ($13).
Neighborhood Restaurant Group
The restaurant's "Heartbreak" dessert is blackout cake, bourbon caramel, meringue chards and carbon gelato ($9).
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Made in the shape of a heart to fit the restaurant's theme, this dish is cooked using new frontier bison tartare, beet variations, dill and shaved foie gras torchon ($17).
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The "DC tinder negroni" beverage is a combination of Green Hat Gin and Capitoline Vermouth and is served with Don Ciccio Figli Luna jello hearts ($13).
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Spirits Manager Nick Farrell and Chef Tony Chittum planned to add a darkness element to this year's "Tunnel of Love" menu. Both desserts are $9.
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The "Cask of amontillado" cocktail is made with Chapman's Apple Brandy, Mezcal, Amontillado Sherry, Cocchi Americano and activated charcoal ($13).
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The restaurant's "Quoth the chicken nevermore" dish appears under the "Heartbreak" section of the menu and features a crispy chicken leg, Virginia ham, burrata and pomodoro ($24).
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The restaurant's "Galentine's day" option includes a tray of rye, amaro truffles and glasses of sparkling wine ($20 per person).
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The "Mysterious death by chocolate" cocktail is made with borough bourbon, chocolate, strega and spices and served in an Edgar Allan Poe mug ($13).
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The lone dessert on the "Heart" section of the specialty menu is made with caramelized white chocolate mousse, folius sabayon, citrus and a shortbread cookie. ($9)
One of the items on the "Heart" portion of the menu features grilled island oysters, goat's milk butter, pickled shallot and Calabrian chili ($15).
For $11, this "Heartbreak" dish includes charred avocado, winter radish, vin cotto and blood orange.
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