Irene Aftermath: Insurance Coverage

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Unless you have a flood insurance policy, your homeowners insurance will NOT cover damage from flooding. However, your homeowners will cover damage to your house from rain or trees.

There is also a new deductible just for hurricane damage. Unlike a standard homeowners insurance policy deductible which is usually $500-$1,000, hurricane deductibles are typically 1percent to 5 percent of the insured value of your home. So, you could be paying thousands of dollars before your hurricane coverage kicks in.

When it comes to tree damage, it all depends on where the tree falls. If your tree falls on your neighbor's house, your neighbor's homeowners insurance will cover the damage. If your neighbor's tree falls on your house, your homeowners insurance will cover the damage.

If a tree falls on your car, comprehensive auto insurance covers the damage. If you don't have comprehensive auto insurance, you have to pay out of pocket to fix your car.

If a tree falls on your property but does not hit or damage anything, you pay out of pocket to have it removed.

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