Investigation Finds Flaws in Order of Montgomery County Public Schools Renovations

Montgomery County Public Schools will rearrange the order in which its schools are renovated or expanded after an internal investigation showed the district may have botched how it drew up the old list.

Some schools might be rebuilt or gutted years earlier than expected; some years later.

Investigators found the criteria for how the order was arranged was outdated and not updated frequently enough. Overcrowding isn’t considered and schools closer to D.C. are unintentionally favored, investigators found.

Tuesday the school district acknowledged errors and said it will rearrange the list by October.

"I don't think we're talking about dramatic swings here, and I would caution anyone from overly dramatizing this," MCPS COO Andrew Zuckerman said.

Montgomery County renovates schools once every 50 years on average.

"That's not acceptable for any jurisdiction, whether it's Montgomery County or any place throughout the state," County Councilmember Craig Rice said.

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