Gallery in Anacostia Holds Auction to Support Black Artists

The “Buy Black Art” auction will be open through the end of next week.

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A D.C. art gallery is on a mission to get people to buy Black art.

When you step inside the Anacostia Arts Center, you are surrounded by bright colors and beautiful paintings, each made by a Black artist from Ward 7 and Ward 8.

“We want to invite the city to come and invest in the Black creatives, the Black brilliance, that’s here in Ward 7 and Ward 8,” Jess Randolph, the show organizer, said.

The organizers set up an online auction with the theme “Buy Black Art.” They are hoping to support artists like Jay Coleman, who made a statue of Harriet Tubman.

“Traditionally, we go to a museum, we see a bunch of European men painted or women painted on the walls. You can see the full gambit of humanity when you support Black art,” Coleman said.

Coleman said he is honored to see his work featured alongside others.

Each piece was carefully crafted.

Many artists had to work hard during the pandemic to make ends meet.

“For those of us who live off of our artwork, this is not a weekend warrior thing for me, this is how I pay my bills and take care of my family,” Coleman said.

“Art scene here is very much present, and it’s very much so Black and beautiful, and I think it’s so important to celebrate that and elevate that,” Randolph said.

The auction for all of the works is open through the end of next week.

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