If It Sounds Too Good to Be True … Beware Contractor Scams After the Storm

They're called storm chasers for a reason: Scammers who go door to door offering to repair storm-related damage to your home.

Before you hire a contractor, be aware of these 4 Things to Know:

1) Beware door-to-door contractors.

If someone shows up to your house offering you a deal on the spot, beware. And beware those who demand you pay up front in cash to get a deal.

If the contractor is legit, that so-called deal today will still be a deal tomorrow.

2) Hire only a licensed contractor in your state.

Some states offer protections to homeowners who get scammed by contractors. Here's where to check if a contractor is licensed in your state:




3) Get everything in writing.

That Including a start and end date of the work. And while you are doing the paperwork, ask for a copy of the contractor's certificate of insurance. Call that insurance company to make sure the contractor is covered.

If a worker doesn't have insurance and they fall on your property, you may be responsible for medical costs.

4) Don't pay all at once.

Remember this suggested payment schedule: one-third up front, one-third half way through the job and one-third once all of the work is complete.

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