Roads Dangerously Slick as Region Refreezes

Expect an icy morning and a slushy afternoon Thursday as the region refreezes again.

Roads already were icy overnight Thursday.

"Anything that looks wet, you can just assume that what you're looking at is a really dangerous sheet of ice," News4's Jackie Bensen said. 

There was no refreeze Tuesday night and the temperature climbed back into the 40s Wednesday, helping continue the big melt, but the temperature began to tumble after sunset Wednesday.

Drivers complained on Twitter Wednesday evening that traffic was a mess.

Federal offices will open three hours late again Thursday, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management announced Wednesday night. Employee have the option to telework or take unscheduled leave.

Snow-filled roads and a car crash were clogging traffic Wednesday night in Franconia, Virginia. Some drivers trying to exit the lot at the Franconia-Springfield Metro station had been stuck in the traffic jam for as much as an hour, they told News4.

“We feel the pain of these commuters trying to get out," Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said.

Metro Transit Police officers directed traffic near the Metro station, and WMATA will let drivers park overnight in the lot to avoid the gridlock. No one will be towed or tickets, Metro said.

Expect large patches of ice and black ice Thursday morning, as lows will be in the teens.

After a hard freeze, driving conditions will be dangerous. Drivers should increase their following distance and avoid braking or hitting the gas hard. And be patient.

But expect slushy conditions again from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday before another likely refreeze.

Drivers reported notably longer commutes Wednesday morning, as roads with reduced lanes contributed to major delays.

Some days with highs in the 60s are in next week’s forecast, along with rain, so be prepared for possible flooding next Wednesday.

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