Watch Out! ‘ICEBERGS' Coming to the National Building Museum

Last summer, the National Building Museum brought the beach to D.C. But this year, ICEBERGS will be taking over the Great Hall starting in July. 

James Corner Field Operations, who brought New York's High Line to life, is behind the design and installation of the upcoming summer exhibit.

From July 2 to Sept. 5, the museum (401 F St. NW) will be transformed by massive icebergs constructed from reusable materials.

The installation encompasses more than 30 prismatic and other geometric shapes built from see-through poly-carbonate panels. The icebergs will range from 16 feet to 56 feet tall, with the tallest structure reaching the museum's third floor balcony.

A large blue net, reminiscent of the ocean, will be mounted from the ceiling to give visitors an under-the-sea experience. 

The cool (literally) environment will provide an escape from the D.C.'s typically sweltering summer weather. The exhibit will offer ice chairs for relaxing, as well as hands-on activities and shaved-ice treats. 

"ICEBERGS invokes the surreal underwater-world of glacial ice fields," said James Corner, founder and director of James Corner Field Operations. "Such a world is both beautiful and ominous given our current epoch of climate change, ice-melt and rising seas. The installation creates an ambient field of texture, movement and interaction, as in an unfolding landscape of multiples, distinct from a static, single object."

Tickets will be sold online for members only on June 15. Non-members can purchase admission to the exhibit beginning on June 22. 

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