ICE Closes Case of 12-Year-Old Facing Deportation

Boy can stay in U.S. with his parents

The case of a 12-year-old boy fighting deportation to El Salvador and separation from his parents in the United States was closed Wednesday after two years.

The thought of being separated from his parents was more than enough to bring Irving Marquina Velasquez to tears.

After losing the only family he had in El Salvador -- an uncle -- his parents in the U.S. sent for Irving two years ago, but while attempting to cross into the country illegally, he was detained and placed in removal proceedings.

According to his attorney, Ana Ochoa Cohen, Irving meets all the requirements of a memorandum set by the Department of Homeland Security at that time.

"[Among other discretionary factors] ... they just require that the person have strong reasons for remaining here and of course not be a criminal," she said.

In their first court hearing with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in April attorneys had a chance to stop the deportation process but instead moved forward, Cohen said.

Then about two weeks ago, President Barack Obama announced a new immigration plan with its own set of requirements

ICE sent News4 a statement Wednesday saying in part, “ICE Office of Chief Counsel in Baltimore has agreed to administratively close the case.”

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