“I Didn't Feel His Crying Was Real”

First paramedic on the scene testifies in the Robert Wone Case

The first medic to the scene of the Robert Wone homicide testified Thursday.

Wone was a Washington lawyer found stabbed to death in the D.C. townhouse of a college friend in 2006.

No one is charged with the murder, but three men, Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky, and Dylan Ward are accused of covering it up.

In court today, the medic testified that Zaborsky seemed to be faking his crying; that Ward didn't seem to be upset; and that he felt threatened by Price.

Also today, the medical examiner testified that Wone had no defensive wounds, suggesting he was incapacitated during the attack.

The ME also said there were unexplained needle marks on him.

The three men all lived in the townhouse where Wone's body was found.

The suspects waived their right to a jury trial.

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